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Holy Land Trip - Men's Ministry

Holy Land

Have you ever considered taking a trip to the ancient lands where Jesus once walked? Before you start searching for excuses not to go, take a look at some of these that have already been used and abused:

Wife - as the man of the house, it's your duty to check out things in advance for your wife prior to taking a later trip with her
Bucket list - if not now when you have reasonable mobility, sanity and memory, then when?
Money - if you have it, your inheritors won't miss it; if you don't, the bank does and your estate can repay it if you can't
Age - prior attendees have been into their eighties; I spoke with one in his late 70s who attended last year
CPAP - as long as you buy Israeli voltage converters, all locations are wired; even in the desert tents
Hurricane - if one happens while you're gone, those men remaining will take care of things until you return
Walking - much travel is by walking and buses, who drop us off to hike the final leg to some sites. Sore feet can stay on the bus; agile ones can ride camels
Sickness - most days have morning and afternoon tours, so if you don't feel good one day, rest up for the next one
Conflict - unless your other event is also a once in a lifetime event, you shouldn't have a hard choice to make
Packing - a practical checklist is provided; minimal luggage is encouraged; men don't care if you wear the same shirt twice
Safety - Israeli security forces are considered by many to be among the best in the world
Food/water - all provided by the operator who has been leading the tour for years
Unknown - trip insurance and prayers are highly recommended

To summarize, this lifetime trip is sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of SC; available to anyone; no church affiliation is required; total cost is $2,950 plus air fare & insurance; $500 to reserve one of the 24 spots; $1,225 by 5/1/19; $1,225 by 8/1/19. So make your decision to join us this week if possible.

If you have questions or would like some more info, please email BRAD CARVER