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Foundations For Our Future #10

Foundations for Our Future (10)

by:Jon Shuler

Abiding in the Word of Jesus

It is an act of faith to receive the Holy Scriptures as from God almighty. It is a step of faith that the Holy Spirit always brings a true believer to take. And the Holy Spirit will reward prayerful time in the Word of God by deepening the confidence of the believer in the rightness of that step. But it does not make every word of Scripture equal to every other. Some things are written to warn us from imitating them, and some are written to show us the way to live. The most important words of all are those spoken by Jesus.

Today we read about the beginning of the public ministry of our Lord, and of the first words he proclaimed aloud to Israel. “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Read Mt 4:12 - 17) These words are those he will always speak to us when he draws near. Turn to me and live in the purpose of my Father. Come under his authority.

John the beloved apostle tells us that Jesus told all his disciples that the single most critical evidence that they were his disciples was that they “abided in his word.”

To abide means to be completely connected to the source. To know it, to draw life from it, and to remain in it. The word of Jesus is that source. He is that word, and he speaks that word.