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Foundations For Our Future #118

Foundations for Our Future (118) 

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Faith and Fire

A field full of grain is a beautiful sight in the eye of a farmer. It would seem that the fields our Lord was seeing as he gave this teaching were dotted with wild flowers. When these fields were harvested, and the grain was threshed, the remaining straw was gathered up to use for fuel. The flowers that had been so lovely were now withered and dry. Soon they would be consumed in the oven. (Matthew 6:30)

There may be a hint here of the truth that human beings were created to live forever. They are not going to have a transitory existence, but are meant for eternity. In that light will the Creator not care for them? If he makes transient nature so beautiful, will he not care for those he is calling to heaven?

When we are anxious about what we will eat, drink, or wear, we are focused on the least of our true needs. Jesus tells us these needs are not insignificant, in fact God knows we need them (Matthew 6:32), but they are minor concerns in comparison with what really is of lasting merit. We are being called to place our trust in the Lord who shows absolute confidence in his Father. We are not to be “of little faith,” but to be like him. God our Father will clothe us. He knows all our needs (Matthew 6:32)