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Foundations For Our Future #12

Foundations for Our Future (12)

by: Jon Shuler

Saturday Review

Remember is a word which often appears in the Holy Scriptures. God’s people are to remember his faithfulness in calling them, and his steadfast love shown to them. Some English bibles use that word to translate part of the Lord’s Final Command : “Remember, I am with you always….”(Mt 28:20)

The purpose of reviewing the week just past every Saturday is that we might remember whatever has been brought to our attention by the Lord that week. We want to attend to it again. We want to pray over it and consider how we are to internalize it. The review of a week of notes, and the re-reading of the week’s scriptures is meant to stimulate our heart’s desire to follow.

Let’s review what we have covered:

            We Need A Plan of Reading

            We Must Find Our Own Rhythm if Daily Devotions Are to Last

            It is Good to Mark What Speaks to Us, So We Have a Record

            We Want to Give Priority to the Word of Jesus

            The Lord is Calling All of Us to Fish (Make Disciples)

Today read again prayerfully Mt 3:1-4:22, and allow the voice of the Master to speak to your truest self.