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Foundations For Our Future #13

Foundations for Our Future (13)

by: Jon Shuler

Ministry to Real People

The most ancient training for all those who would follow Jesus came by being with him. Seeing him and listening carefully to him as he preached and taught was foundational. But our Lord did not teach and then pack up his notes and go home. He taught and then ministered to real people. People with problems and sickness, people with addictions and griefs. He laid his hands upon them and asked God in heaven to come to their aid. And whenever he went people were made whole. As we read Mt 4:23-25 today, let us consider how we are to follow in those footsteps.

Most of us will not preach and teach publicly, but our lives will speak to others. And many in our daily lives will be as needy as those of old. They may not be physically ill, but they might well be emotionally or spiritually in great distress. Are we ready, in love,  to speak of the truth that we have learned from the Lord?  Are we prepared to pray to God our Father on their behalf?

Physical miracles are rare in our day, but the even greater miracle of new life in Christ is occurring all the time. A word from us to someone we know may be only a small detail in a long journey to true faith for them, but God will use it. Ask the Lord for faith and courage to be ready to share and to pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to use you.