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Foundations For Our Future #14

Foundations for Our Future (14)

by:  Jon Shuler 

Crowds and Disciples

Today we come to the opening of the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5:1-2), and as we do we see for the first time that all who crowd around Jesus to be healed are not necessarily those who will stay with him. Those who want to be his disciples must follow him up the mountain, and sit at his feet.

To climb even a small hill requires determination and strength. Many modern folk are not willing to walk one hundred yards to get to a store or a shop, yet in the time of our Lord his disciples sometimes walked dozens of miles, just to be with him. There is a lesson for us in the first verse of chapter five. To follow Jesus will take effort on our part. We will have to decide to think, to pray, to work, if we are to be found with him.

In the last verses of the previous chapter we have seen that the fame of Jesus spread throughout Israel and beyond. So much so that “great crowds followed him.” (Mt 4:25)

Now Jesus will bring his penetrating gaze upon those few who have shown a willingness to be his disciples. They are the only ones who come to him. He will put before them the Beatitudes. They come up the mountain.

Read over all of them to begin your day. (Mt 5:3-11) We will look at them one by one in the days ahead. Pray now for the grace to hear the voice of Jesus saying them to you.