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Foundations For Our Future #15

Foundations for Our Future (15)

by: Jon Shuler

Poor in Spirit

To know the favor of God is to be blessed. To feel the warmth of his forgiving love is to be blessed. To dwell near him is to be blessed. To hear his voice calling you is to be blessed. To know his will for your life is to be blessed. The first of the Beatitudes inaugurates the profound disclosure of God’s purpose for his people in his divine Son. These verses open up the gates of heaven for our gaze. Those who will enter into the kingdom that Jesus has proclaimed to be at hand will be like this.

First, they will be “poor in spirit.” (Mt 5:3) What does this mean?

It is easier to start by seeing what it is not. It is not to be filled with ones own worth. It is not to think oneself deserving of God’s favor. It is not to dominate the weak, or to crush the sorrowful. None of this will be a part of the kingdom of heaven. These must be left behind.

What then? I think it is a vital clue to the beginning of the true journey of faith. We come completely dependent on God and his mercy. We have nothing to offer but our own poverty of spirit. We cannot save ourselves. We cannot climb up to heaven by our own efforts. We are absolutely dependent on the grace and love of Jesus.

Today, pray for the grace to embrace poverty of spirit, that the kingdom of heaven may be yours.