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Foundations For Our Future #17

Foundations for Our Future (17)

by: Jon Shuler

The Meek

Somehow in the mists of my childhood I first heard the phrase “Jesus meek and mild.” It was not said in a way that made it sound commendable. In fact it left exactly the opposite impression. I imagined him to be pale and weak. Has the word “meek” left you with similar thoughts?

Meekness is one of those words in English which has come over centuries to lose its first and most important meaning. It was a word used to describe a well trained and powerful animal that was now able to be harnessed to the plow or wagon for useful service. To be meek is to be teachable. A meek oxen will obey the slightest touch of its master reins. It is a word for controlled strength and power.

The third Beatitude (Mt 5:5) seems then to point us to a critical understanding for any serious disciple. We have to bring our natural selves under control if we are to follow Jesus as he desires. We are not to remain prone to our natural instincts and desires, but are to bring them into alignment with God’s purposes for our lives. The natural man does not want to please God, he wants to please himself. The meek disciple wants to please God. He wants all his abilities and strengths to serve the Master.

Let us all pray to be that teachable. That meek. It is those who inherit the promise.