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Foundations For Our Future #18

Foundations for Our Future (18)

by: Jon Shuler

Looking Back

It has been a week of challenge. The Sermon on the Mount may be “nursery school” for disciples, but it is not simple nor easy. The idea that we are to imitate Jesus in his life and ministry is very daunting. To be ready to serve him in word and deed, day by day,  requires an attitude of humble obedience that can only come when God grants us his Holy Spirit. But his disciples are ready to make that journey. We will go where he is, we will climb the mountain to sit at his feet.

I do not find tarrying over a few verses easy. I am prone to want to read on until I find something that is comforting and easy to assimilate. This week has not been like that. I want to enter the kingdom of God. I have willed myself to go slowly. I want to be among those who receive it. I want to dwell under the grace, mercy, and love of that kingdom. Now and always.

For that to be true I must be steeped in the words of this Sermon. The Beatitudes show me what I must become.


Pray over Mt 4:23 - 5:5 this day. Ask for this grace.