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Foundations For Our Future #19

Foundations for Our Future (19)

by: Jon Shuler

To Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness

Nobody needs to be told to eat and drink. These basic urges are the very necessity of life. It is not so with the things of the spirit. Since the Fall of man and woman their selfish needs have driven them into unrighteousness. The flesh wages war with the spirit. Hunger for our own desires, thirst for our own wants both demand our attention and our best energies. Knowing this the words of Jesus pierce us. Our ways are not the ways of the kingdom of heaven.

The fourth Beatitude (Matthew 5:6) brings us to one of the most critical words in the whole of the Holy Scripture. Righteousness. That which is right and true. That which is just. That which is conformed perfectly to God’s intention. That which can stand under his judgement because perfectly according to the plan of God. That which can draw near to his holiness and not be cast into destruction.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

How can this hunger be awakened in us? Only when we have come before the Lord to ask for it. Only when we have cried out to receive salvation. Only when the Spirit of God has birthed us anew. It is not the result of an emotional moment, but the answer to a heartfelt surrender. I give you my life Lord.

Pray today for the thirst and hunger for God to fill your soul.