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Foundations For Our Future #2

Day 2  

"The Purpose of a Daily Devotional"

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

A daily devotional is meant to be a help to living a fully Christian life. It is for believers who have truly turned their lives over to the Lord Jesus, and who have begun to follow him faithfully. It is not a substitute for regular, sustained, prayerful reading and meditation upon the Word of God. It is meant to be a help to that more central calling of learning to abide in the word of Jesus. (John 8:31) It most fully serves its purpose when the reader puts down the devotional and turns to the Lord himself in prayer with Holy Scripture open before them. It is mean to lead us to time with the Lord Jesus, that we may hear his voice - not just that of a writer of the devotional.

To live a faithful Christian life is impossible without a firm foundation in the revelation God has given to his people in Holy Scripture. For this to be true we must each develop the good habit of giving time each day to the Lord Jesus. We must come into his presence with thanksgiving, and with a true desire to hear from him. Without a set discipline of time and place alone with the Lord and his word this will never happen.

Today, let us turn to Psalm 119 and meditate prayerfully on versus 105 to 112. Let us each ask The Lord to confirm in our hearts that Scripture, his word alone, is the "lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (v. 105)