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Foundations For Our Future #20

Foundations for Our Future (20)

by: Jon Shuler

To Show Mercy

Matthew 5:7 introduces us to a subject that our Lord will never tire of teaching about, mercy shown to those who have done wrong. He will bring his disciples face to face with this most blessed behavior, time and again, because it describes something so true of God. To receive mercy, forgiveness when one deserves punishment, is one of life’s most wonderful experiences. It is meant to instill in us the desire to do likewise for those who have done wrong against us. We are to be like our God, who has forgiven us so much, and who has born with us for so long when we have gone astray. Mercy is so wonderful to receive, yet so difficult to bestow. Why?

The full revelation of the gospel of Christ Jesus makes it clear that men and women will remain imprisoned in their own selfishness and sin without God’s grace. We are, because of our fallen nature, so preoccupied with ourselves, that any slight or hurt that is given to us by another elicits our desire to see them judged. And often quite harshly. We sin all the time and yet forgive ourselves, but we are slow to forgive others.

It must not be so. We must ask for the gift of God’s Spirit to become merciful. “Blessed are the merciful.”