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Foundations For Our Future #22

Foundations for Our Future (22)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

For most Americans, the Thanksgiving Holiday is one of the favorites. Since being declared by President Lincoln in 1863, it has been marked by great family gatherings, in memory of the first Pilgrim’s grateful thanks that they had food enough to survive the Winter of 1620. For many of us the Covid 19 Pandemic has dramatically altered this year’s celebration. And it brings a sense of loss.

But there is another thanksgiving that Christians have always understood to be the highest one of all. That is the Sunday remembrance of the great provision made by our Lord Jesus for the redemption of the world. This remembrance, commanded to be observed by his faithful ones, is rehearsed liturgically every Sunday. The prayer offered at the Table of the Lord by the celebrating clergy is called “The Great Thanksgiving.“ In

Greek the word is “eucharistein” from which we get “Holy Eucharist.” It is our highest and holiest moment in corporate worship. It is our sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Centuries ago, it was revealed to the psalmist that one sacrifice glorified God. It was not that of animals or deeds, but the “sacrifice of thanksgiving.” (Psalm 50:23)

When we sit down today, to share this American feast, let us all remember that we are part of the global family of God who have not only been given the food to survive another Winter, but the food of everlasting life, and for both let us give thanks.