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Foundations For Our Future #24

Foundations for Our Future (24)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

We have been through a significant week with the teaching of Jesus. While much of the world has been caught up in an orgy of eating and then buying, we have been called to a different kind of hunger, and a different kind of quest. We have been shown the character of true Christian people. We have been looking at the portrait of the “blessed company of all faithful people” that we give thanks for every Sunday.

Reviewing Matthew 5:6 to 5:9 is humbling for every one of us. In moments of exaltation we may say we want to follow the Lord, but in the daily reality that is our lives we all too frequently fall away. But the persistent word of the Lord to us is “blessed are those….”

When times of sadness overwhelm us, or the sudden awareness of our weakness pulls us down, we must look up. We must turn to the one who loves us and reaches out his hand to draw us to himself. “Get up my child”, he seems to say. “You are mine, and I am at work in you to bring you home. Do not despair, your awareness of your frailty makes room for my grace. I am sufficient for you. I am your salvation.”

Can we pray for that truth to be ours today, and always?