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Foundations For Our Future #28

Foundations for Our Future (28)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler 

There is a ministry that all Christians share. It applies equally to the least of us and to the ones entrusted with the highest responsibilities. We are sent into the world as salt (Matthew 5:13). And we must not lose our saltiness!

The Lord Jesus has just made clear that the path of following him may involve suffering. He now begins to show us why. The world is under the power of darkness. The things of this world have corrupted the purpose of God. The followers of Christ Jesus are to pierce that darkness. They are to hold off the world’s corruption. They are to season it with salt.

Wherever a true Christian goes, there is a ministry that is constantly present. They are to bring the savor of a different way of living, a different way of seeing, a different way of speaking, to every situation and circumstance they find themselves in. They are to be salt.

How does salt lose its saltiness? In the first century salt was not as pure as we now know it. Salt could get watered down, if left in the rain, and become almost useless. For us, the parallel is the watering down of our spiritual life that comes as we get more conformed to this world than to Christ Jesus. It is almost always a slow process of decay, but it can and does happen when we take our eyes off of our Lord.

Turn to him today and pray to remain salty.