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Foundations For Our Future #29

Foundations for Our Future (29)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

It is rare for us today to ever be without some background light, but in our Lord’s day this was not so. People knew real darkness when the sun went down, and it was often a cover for evil. For the disciple of Jesus, part of our calling is to bring light where there is spiritual darkness. And Jesus tells us we are the light of the world. Not we will be, we are! (Matthew 5:16)

Our Lord is also trying to make very plain is that we are not to be “hidden disciples.” It is not enough to believe in him, and to have a private relationship with him, we are to be known to be his. Our faith is to pierce any darkness we encounter. Wherever we live, or work, or play.

Here also, for the first time explicitly, our Lord makes clear that this is a corporate calling as well. The community of believers, the church, is “a city set on a hill” and it “cannot be hidden.” How shall we understand this?

Of course there is a physical interpretation. We have a building, and a sign on the road in front of our sanctuary. We have a website and a facebook page. We are not physically or digitally hidden from the gaze of others. But doesn’t it also mean that we are to be known as a gospel “light giving” fellowship?

Pray today for all the Christian churches of our community to be light for God. Not “hidden” in the darkness.