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Foundations For Our Future #3

Day 3  

"Beginning a Daily Time with the Lord"

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Nobody changes their habits easily. It take a conscious decision and continuous effort, especially in the early days. Today let us think about how to begin a faithful daily time set aside for your relationship with your Lord.

Every person is unique, but the overwhelming testimony of Scripture and experience is this; giving the first time of the day to the Lord in his word is one of the most life sustaining habits that any Christian can ever form. The Lord Jesus wants all his disciples "to know his voice" and that will not happen without time spent with him. Preferably daily.

A second tip that is almost always helpful is this: Have a regular physical place that you go to meet the Lord. It can be a favorite chair or a favorite spot in the house or garden, but make going there part of your desire to meet him. This is an appointment with Jesus, and should begin to excite you as you discover his faithfulness. He wants to meet with you. You want him to speak directly to you.

A third question that you must answer over time is this: how long do I spend with him? The answer in the beginning may be as little as 15 minutes, but it will grow. You will find that time with him makes your whole day better. It helps you remember him all day. You will grow more and more to want to be with him.

Today, read Mark 1:35, and Luke 6:12, then ask the Lord to guide you to the time and place that is right for you.