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Foundations For Our Future #30

Foundations for Our Future (30)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon ShulerWe began the week facing the possibility of persecution, and our attitude if it comes, and we ended the week being reminded that we are not to be “hidden” disciples, but very visible ones.

This does not mean, of course, that we prance around trying to show off as Christian people, nor does it mean we are to behave in a manner that is obnoxious to unbelievers. But it does call us to be willing to be known as followers of Jesus. How might that be?

What if we are meant to be kinder, and friendlier, and more courteous than others? What if we are to be eager to serve, rather than to be served? What if we are to be bringing comfort where there is sorrow, and healing where there is pain? What if we are to be known as truth tellers, never hiding behind half truths? What if we are be quick to forgive, slow to anger, and lifting up others? These are some of the behaviors that are to characterize the followers of Jesus.

Pray today for the will to walk into the light, more and more, by the grace of God..