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Foundations For Our Future #31

Foundations for Our Future (31)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

No one in their right mind would light a lamp in a dark room, and then put it under a basket. (Matthew 5:15-16) Our Lord knows that well, but he is trying to wake up his listeners to a better understanding of their calling, if they follow him. They are to be seen doing what is right.

Sometimes that is very simple. All people of good will will pitch in and help if someone tumbles and spills their grocery cart. There are always some in every neighborhood who will help pick up litter, and tend common garden areas. Most will give some small amount to a worthy charity from time to time. Those are good deeds, but are they the “good works” our Lord is speaking of?

The distinction seems to be this: does what I am doing make people think more highly of me, or does it bring glory to God, who is our Father in heaven? When that question is asked it causes any thoughtful Christian to pause in introspection.

We are created for good works that we are to walk in, says the apostle. (Ephesians 2:10) The Holy Scriptures make clear that such things have eternal value. Here Jesus shows us unmistakably that those works will bring others to give glory to God. 

Pray today for the wisdom to know when we are faced with a good work that we are to act on, and to not get in the way of God’s glory.