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Foundations For Our Future #32

Foundations for Our Future (32)

by: The Rev. DR. Jon Shuler

The good Lord turns us today to the written revelation given to Israel which we know as the Old Testament, but which he calls “the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 5:17-18) He does so, we can be sure, for good reason.

At the first time of this teaching Christ Jesus knew that what God had sent him to say and do was going to be a challenge for most men. Especially religious men. They would soon be accusing him of overturning the Law and blaspheming against God, but he makes very evident that he knows that the Law & the Prophets came from God. Nothing he is about to say or do will be designed to “abolish” them. Indeed he has come “to fulfill them.”

Believers look back on this scripture and recognize that the divine nature of the Son of God gave him the authority to utter these amazing words. But if we go on to imagine that the truths taught in the Old Testament are no longer applicable to Christians, we make a grave mistake. Many of those things promised of old were to be fulfilled in the lifetime of our Lord, but not all. “All will be accomplished”, he tells us, but there are some things still undone. We must never forget that there is gospel treasure still to be learned and obeyed from Genesis to Malachi.

Ask the Lord today to give you a deep and abiding hunger to know all of the Word of God.