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Foundations For Our Future #33

Foundations for Our Future (33)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler


The foundation of the Christian Faith is the revelation given to Israel. The call of God to Abraham, Sarah, and their descendants is the wellspring of our faith. God began long ago to call a people for his own possession, and that is going on still. Today we see that what he desires for those who are his has not changed.

First Jesus tells us what not to do. We are not to relax any of the commandments nor to teach others to do so. (Matthew 5:19) If we foolishly or intentionally do this, we will forfeit any esteem or reward in the kingdom of heaven. Note that Jesus seems here to anticipate that some Christian people might do this, since it is only those who follow him who will one day be in the kingdom of heaven. To turn aside from the commandments of God is a grave error.

Those who will be rewarded, “called great in the kingdom of heaven,” are those who do the commandments and teach other to do so as well. The whole of our Lord’s teaching will be unfolded before us, in the New Testament, that we might learn how this can be so. Now let us note that to be a follower of Jesus is not about “knowing” it is about “doing.” And that step alone is not sufficient, it is to be about teaching others to do the same. Disciples make disciples.

Pray to be a doer and a teacher of the way of God.