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Foundations For Our Future #34

Foundations for Our Future (34)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

One of my fellow NAMS Companions, Prince Ven Goor, who is planting new churches all over Northwest India, frequently asks leaders he is discipling: “What is your end vision?” Today we see the Lord setting before all his first followers an end vision of breathtaking scope. His followers will be called to a righteousness that exceeds that of the most religious people of their day. (Matthew 5:20) This is to be their journey, if they follow him. How can this be?

We must first recognize that this will not happen without effort. No disciple becomes what his master desires without personal commitment to change. To think, to feel, to will, to act - all will be necessary to become like the teacher. Our righteousness will never exceed “that of the scribes and Pharisees” if we will not sacrifice to pursue it. But there is a mystery that will be revealed in this calling. The natural man or woman can not do this. It can only be done by the power of God and his boundless grace. There we see the mystery: we are called to something only God can accomplish. Without what he alone can give us, we “will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

In time the Lord Jesus will reveal to his disciples, and thus to us, that he must dwell in us if we are to become what he wants us to be. He must become our righteousness.

Let us pray today to hold nothing back, and to receive what he offers.