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Foundations For Our Future #37

Foundations for Our Future (37) 

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler 


Six times in the next thirty-seven verses our Lord Jesus will say: “You have heard that it was said…but I say to you….” (Matthew 5:21) In every instance he will be challenging things the people of God had been taught by their leaders about God’s Law. Many of these things were almost certainly common sayings among them, and almost everyone believed they came from God. Christ is going to correct that interpretation. When he does this, he is taking up the position only God himself can occupy.

Not only is Jesus taking a stance that some will soon begin to call “blasphemy,”but he is daring to go on to explain what the Law of God was actually intended to mean. He presumes to know the mind of God in giving the Law. No Christian dare rush past this revelation.

Jesus is not just a teacher. Jesus is not just a fine moral guide. Jesus is not just a rising leader in ancient Israel. Jesus is not just someone we remember on Sunday as the founder of our religion. No, he is the “beloved Son” of God.

Here we come face to face with the most challenging reality we will ever encounter. God has come among us. The Creator has taken up residence among us, and his will is to restore his creation to its original intention. And of all he might address in sinful human behavior, he first focuses on our anger.

Pray to understand Matthew 5:21-26 this week.