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Foundations For Our Future #4

Day 4  

"Making a Good Beginning and Ending"

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

To start a daily time with the Holy Scriptures and the Lord Jesus is not like making a cup of coffee. Or reading the paper. Or texting my best friend. It is a sacred moment, every single time, and needs to begin with prayer. The prayer should be simple and from your heart, and the simplest is: "Jesus please speak to me today in your word." Do not start to read before you pray. If you did today, stop now and pray, then begin again.

Similarly when you finish, whether you have had a long or short time, or a rich and rewarding time or a seemingly dry one, thank the Lord for what you have read. Speak to him about what you think you have heard. Ask him to guide you through your day.

It is impossible to read the gospels and not recognize how often and continuously Jesus prayed. He models for us the nature of a true relationship with God the Father Almighty. And because the Holy Scriptures have been given to us to lead us into a secure and everlasting covenant with him, we must use the one means by which it can be formed. We must learn to pray.

Today, read Luke 4:16-21, and meditate on the Lord's example of knowing and quoting the Holy Scripture.