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Foundations For Our Future #40

Foundations for Our Future (40)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler 


Our Lord’s teaching about reconciliation is too important to go past quickly. Let us return to Matthew 5:23,24.

Christ Jesus says that when we “remember” that we have sinned against another we must immediately deal with it. We must not delay. We must not rationalize it or prevaricate. We must “go.” And that going will mean we must humble ourselves and confess to our brother that we know we sinned against him, and ask for his forgiveness.

The seriousness of this teaching must not escape us. The body of Christ, the church of Jesus Christ for which he died, will be riven with conflict and ultimately weakened and impoverished gravely, if we do not see the centrality of the call to all brothers and sisters to love one another as Christ loves us. Our Lord tells us that to imagine we are worshipping God as we ought, when we have sinned against another, is to engage in a behavior that is utterly contrary to God’s will.

As much as we see the importance of this in the body of Christ, what of that most sacred part of the church, the homes of believers, and especially our marriages? Two people who have given their lives to the Lord, and who are married, are also siblings in Christ.” They are called to live this truth day by day in a most intimate way. Are we learning to live this teaching of Jesus there? Do we dare to come to the altar of God unreconciled?