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Foundations For Our Future #42

Foundations for Our Future (42)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler


Those of you who are actually starting the day with prayer for the Lord to speak through the scriptures (which I pray means all of you) will have been struck this week by the seriousness of our calling in Christ Jesus. The Lord really means it when he says “follow me” and not the ways of the world. His “but I say to you” (Matthew 5:21) carries heavy weight for a true believer. He or she wants to come under the authority of the Lord, and recognizes the challenge.

My favorite copy of the Bible is the English Standard Version (ESV), and I highly recommend it. But sometimes it, like all things done by human beings, can lead us astray without meaning to. The section we have been praying over this week (Matthew 5:21-25) is printed under the heading “Anger,” but it is really all about relationships.  The way believers relate to one another is to be unlike anything the fallen world knows. The Lord Jesus is making absolutely plain, at the beginning of his public ministry, that life in his church is to be different. It is to be like the love of God for his beloved Son.

Because we are all sinful creatures, the pattern of life the Lord sets before us is beyond our reach without his grace. But we must want it. We must ask for it. We must seek to live it. If we do those things, the kingdom of heaven will draw near.