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Foundations For Our Future #5

Day 5  

"Keeping Track"

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

When times are tough it is easy to forget all that God has done. Repeatedly in the Word of God his people are reminded to go back and remember. One of the best ways to remember is to have a small prayer notebook that you use in your daily time with the Lord. It can be as simple as a spiral bound booklet the size of your Bible, or a binder if you prefer it, but I would suggest you have something you write in daily.

What do you put in there? It is wise to note what you read. But even more important is to make note of what came up in your time with Jesus. Did he seem to be speaking to you? Write that down. Did something stick out to look up later? Write it down. Did someone come into your mind who needs prayer? Write it down. Are you sensing some kind of guidance? Write it down.

A paper prayer notebook (some would call it a journal) is one of the most common helps to developing a regular daily habit of time with the Lord. It will also give you a great way to remember when times are challenging, or confusion creeps in. What God has already said to us usually helps us through what is now coming.

Today, read Isaiah 30:8, and ask God how he wants you to keep track of what he is teaching you.