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Foundations For Our Future #50

Foundations for Our Future (50)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler

Today is the fifth day of the Christmas season known as Christmastide. And this year another ancient feast is celebrated on a different day because of the calendar. The feast of the Holy Innocents (normally Dec 28th) recalls the terrible decree that went out from a fearful and tyrannous ruler, to slaughter all the male children born in Bethlehem during the previous two years. (Matthew 2:16-18) He clearly had heard that a child born to be a king had appeared in that region, and he was determined to destroy him, no matter what the cost. Once more it reminds us, even during this time of feasting, that we live in a fallen world.

This day first became very special to me when I made a midwinter retreat with several fellow clergy many years ago. This day fell while we were away, and the archdeacon of my diocese gave the homily at the morning service. He spoke from his experience as a black man of the widespread reality of innocent suffering, and his quiet passion and biblical exposition touched me deeply. I think I was forever changed.

Sometimes my daily prayers are overwhelmed with the knowledge of all the innocent suffering in the world. At those times I can only flee to the Lord Jesus. I rest in the solace that his grace and mercy will somehow make all things right. That is my confident faith in the one born to Mary, who is now King of Kings.