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Foundations For Our Future #51

Foundations for Our Future (51)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

The sixth day of Christmas has no saint’s commemoration. The 30th of December is a day without a celebration. How will you keep it?

The business of the world is usually stilled in the days between Christmas and New Year. Shops are open, but many are wrapping up their year with delayed tasks or extra social gatherings. Even in these days of Covid 19 this is true. Some businesses are desperately hoping for sales to help bring the year to a successful close. But for a Christian keeping the season, it is a time to reflect and ponder. How has this year been for me spiritually? Have I grown in any way as a follower of Jesus? How would I explain that to another? Could I?

When I was first learning to pray, it became very clear that I was asking for things, or for mercies. I was not taught to listen, only to speak. But as I have grown in faith through the years I have come to love times of solitude. Days without an agenda, and times to simply listen for the Lord’s voice. Prayer is meant to be a two way conversation. But some times it is just necessary to be still.

When the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary the heart stopping news of the Incarnation, and all that soon followed, she is said to have “pondered all these things in her heart.” (Luke 2:51) What might you ponder today of the Lord’s goodness to you?