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Foundations For Our Future #52

Foundations for Our Future (52)
By: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

The seventh day of Christmas falls on the last day of December. It is a day of revelry for many, and a time to consider the coming New Year for most. Will you be among those who consider making resolutions for significant change? Will you make arrangements to be held accountable for living up to them? It is a well established fact that if we have another in our life to help us keep our intentions, the odds improve greatly.

Mary and Joseph had each other as their life with the newborn child began. They had been given very clear commandment that they were to name him Jesus, “God saves.” But what else did they know? He was destined for greatness in Israel. He would somehow be a Savior to his people. He was born through a supernatural intervention of God. Mary was told “a sword will pierce your own heart.” (Luke 2:35) As awesome as those things are, they still had to live their lives as ordinary parents do. They had to work, and pray, fret and laugh, just like us.

Will you take time this year end to realign your priorities for the coming year? Is there anything you have been putting off that you know should be undertaken now? Will you commit to the Lord to walk in his paths with new determination, and be accountable to another? These days are a gift from God, to prepare us for glory.