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Foundations For Our Future #55

Foundations for Our Future (55)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

It is hard not to love the old English Carol the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” I looked today to see what happens on the eleventh day (Pipers Piping) only to discover that the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) says I am counting my days wrongly! They say that January 4th is the tenth day (Lords Leaping), and I think it is the eleventh. It takes a brave man to take on the OED.

What I do know for certain is that the day I gave my life to Christ I was filled with inexpressible joy. I wanted to shout, sing, jump, and praise. I couldn’t wait to tell those I loved. I became a witness.

As Christmastide fades away for another year (for many already a fact) I want to remind myself of the glorious excitement of those who were there at the beginning, but whom we some times forget. Zachariah and Elizabeth at the birth of John the Baptist. (Luke 1:57-64) Anna and Simeon in the temple at Jerusalem when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to give thanks to God for his birth. (Luke 2:22-38) Witnesses all, even when old.

When the faith was new and the church was young, to be a Christian meant to be a witness. It is a fact, that whenever God in mercy revives the church, she is once again full of witnesses. Men and women who tell, in convincing and simple ways, of the Savior who is Christ Jesus their Lord.

May it be so again in 2021.