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Foundations For Our Future #57

Foundations for Our Future (57)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler

Whenever the church marks out a special day, she celebrates a truth revealed by God to us in Christ Jesus. There are seven of these principal feasts: Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, All Saints, Christmas, and Epiphany. What are we celebrating every year on January 6th?

An epiphany means a “manifestation.” Something that was hidden is now revealed. Today is the day we remember that God purposed from all time to bring the gospel to the whole world. He first called one man and one woman, but he purposed to call a multitude no man can number. The moral law and godly life he first gave to Israel, would be shared with all the peoples of the earth. All would come to worship him. All would come to love him. All nations would obey him.

The gospel this day is always taken from Matthew (2:1-12). It is the story of the coming of the three Magi to Bethlehem to bring offerings and to worship the new born King. They are the first non-Jews, the first of the gentiles (which means all the nations of the earth who are not Jews), to begin to receive the gospel. The light of Christ has come into the world, and it is going to shine to every corner of the earth, and on this day we see that truth begin to spread beyond Israel.

The almost unspeakable joy that we remember today is this: the gospel of Christ Jesus has been manifested to us.