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Foundations For Our Future #58

Foundations for Our Future (58)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler

The mission of the church of Jesus Christ is limitless. It is not for a single day, or a single season, but is instead the very life of the people of God. God has a mission, and his mission has a church. We who believe are called to be on mission with our whole lives. Seeing the gospel go to others is the call to every Christian, not just a few. Nevertheless, the wisdom of the ages suggests that we all need reminders, and the season begun at Epiphany is given to us for this reason. It reminds all of us of our central calling.

Christian behavior has, for many, become only a small part of their life but not the center. Yet the gospel of Jesus makes absolutely clear that what God desires is our whole heart. The center of who we are, and how we live. When that becomes true, a man or a woman cares that others come to know God. Not only do they care, they begin to want to do their part in helping the truth revealed in Jesus to become known. They want to take their part in the mission of the church.

The word “mission” is for some, intimidating. They imagine behavior that is foreign, or trips to lands that are foreign, or great sacrifice that they fear to make. But what God wants us to imagine is joy. The joy that we will share when someone we love yields their life to the Lord. (Colossians 1:3-8)