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Foundations For Our Future #59

Foundations for Our Future (59)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler

Before returning to the Father, our Lord Jesus commanded the church to be engaged in his mission. What they had experienced and seen in his life they were to share. They would be his witnesses “in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) They would be the instruments for taking his life to all people, both near and far.

Obedience to Jesus is discovered close at hand. We are to bring the good news to people we already know and love. We are to share the life of Christ with others right where we live and work. We are to be available to God as his missionaries in the midst of our normal lives. To be on mission is to be alive in Christ, it is not a burdensome weight on our shoulders. 

Look at Jesus to see what I mean. He lived and worked like us. He ate and slept and made friends. He was available to the promptings of the Holy Spirit moment by moment. His life was attractive and winsome. He cared for others naturally. He practiced his faith day by day.

To be on mission with Jesus does not mean I become obnoxious. It does not mean I become insufferable. It does not mean I am priggish. It means I am alive on the inside with the life of God, and it is slowly changing me. It means I have an inner confidence in God’s love for me that I am ready to share.