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Foundations For Our Future #60

Foundations for Our Future (60)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler

This week we have come face to face with one of the biggest challenges facing the church we love. Will we, who are the people of God, move out of our comfort zone and engage in the daily mission of Christ Jesus? We have seen that this is what God wants of us, but are we ready to answer this call? Is it really for me?

By now all who read this daily devotional will know that I believe it is so. Yes it is for me. Yes it is for you. We are all to become, in the way God intends for each of us, missionaries for Jesus.

Hearing this truth and acting on it are two very different things. Between the two falls the mystery of personal faith. I must believe it is true, God is calling me, and I must surrender to him in repentance and faith. I must be born again by the spirit of God and I must then devote myself to learning how to serve him as a Christian. (Acts 2:42)

This year, as God allows, we at Christ the King/Grace will renew our commitment to this journey. We will continue reviewing the foundations of true faith together, we will begin to live it together in new ways, and we will discover our particular calling, as individuals and as the community of faithful ones called the church.