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Foundations For Our Future #62

Foundations for Our Future (62)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler

A believer may not begin here, but soon he or she will have to become familiar with the four gospels, or they are not serious about their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. The reason is simple, he said if anyone was his true follower, they would “abide in [his] word.” (John 8:31) It was that word alone that would give them the “truth” that would set them free. (John 8:32) Knowing and abiding in the word of Jesus is the only sure path to everlasting life.

The Lord actually described his followers as “his disciples,” which means those who are learning his teaching in order to live the life he has come to reveal to them. Those who are doing this, Jesus says, are truly his. Nothing could be more clearly stated in Holy Scripture than this: hearing the word of God and keeping it is the sign of true faith. It must be our hearts desire, if it is to ever be the reality of our lives. And it begins with careful attention, prayerful attention, regular attention, to the word of Jesus that has actually been written for us. There is no shortcut.

A priest living in our community, Ramsay Gilchrist, developed some years ago a simple way to begin to disciple other men. He calls it “The 90 Day Challenge.” There are 89 chapters in the four gospels, and he issues a challenge to read one chapter a day for the next ninety days. Are you willing to take that challenge? It could change your life.