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Foundations For Our Future #63

Foundations for Our Future (63)

By: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Yesterday we talked about embarking on the challenge of reading the four gospels, a chapter a day, for the next ninety days. Some of you may have felt that challenge to be for you, and may have even begun it. Others may have said to themselves: “I have read the gospels but I need a more focused next step. I need a more limited set of next steps.” It is for you that the daily devotion has been written.

What I am praying you will do, is look up the daily scripture mentioned, and prayerfully read it while asking the Lord Jesus Christ to speak to your heart. Of course I also pray you will read more than the one or two verses I am bringing to your attention, but I want you to start with a narrow and focused gaze. By God’s grace I pray he will awaken in you a hunger for his word. In time I pray that will include knowing and internalizing all four gospels.

We will resume next week our journey through the Sermon on the Mount, picking up the thread again in Matthew’s gospel (Matthew 5:27). It is possible, on any day, to go back to the beginning and start all the dailies afresh. For some this may be a wise thing to do. For the rest, let us remember this fact: the Sermon on the Mount is elementary teaching from our Lord. This is his teaching for those at the beginning of the journey of following him, or near the end.