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Foundations For Our Future #67

Foundations for Our Future (67)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Only Men?

We are alive in the most sexually decadent time the West has seen for a thousand years. It has happened in one lifetime. Things any decent man or woman was ashamed of fifty years ago are now being taught to our children in schools and libraries. Mainline news and media routinely print and broadcast things that were unthinkable (and even unknown) only a few decades ago. We are being swept up in a moral revolution that is contrary to all that God has told us is holy and righteous. And men in authority are responsible.

But so are women. Lust is not gender specific. To lust after a diamond is little different than to lust after a man. Lust is lust. The insatiable desire for what is not rightfully ours is always wrong. But only women can stop its sexual advance in our culture. Only women can demand a change. Only women, as a dear older friend taught me years ago, can civilize men. But if women are swept along by the same moral perversion that is sweeping men before it, there is little hope for our world. Women must stop it.

How can this be done? It must begin in the family, and be reinforced by the church. A truer moral standard must be demanded of our schools and colleges. It must be demanded of the merchants who feed on this most ancient and powerful sin. It must be demanded of those in government.

The Lord Jesus is telling us plainly, there are some choices that will lead to hell. (Matthew 5:30) Those choices must be stopped.