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Foundations For Our Future #69

Foundations for Our Future (69)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Divorce (Again)

I do not enjoy remaining here, but the teaching of Jesus compels me. Today we read that if a wife is divorced she will likely (because she will remarry) become an adulterer, and that every man who marries a divorced woman becomes an adulterer. (Matthew 5:31,32) Here we see the Lord overruling the law of Moses, which allowed for divorce because of mankind’s “hardness of heart.” (Matthew 19:8) It was not meant to be so, he says.

Underneath every sentence in this section is the stark reality of sin. To face, honestly and prayerfully these verses in Matthew’s gospel is to realize the awful truth of why the Son of God had to die. The weight of human sin was too much for all but One to bear. There had to be a new beginning. The Cross and Resurrection mark that new beginning. Only true repentance and faith can free us from the judgment.

If I am a liar, I have sinned with the adulterer. If I have stolen, I am no better than the murderer. If I have been a false witness, my condemnation is just. If I am a sabbath breaker I am no better that the one who has divorced his wife.“ All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)

But then comes the glorious Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It declares to the sinner that he or she can be saved. And will be saved, if they flee to Jesus for new life.