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Foundations For Our Future #7

Foundations for Our Future (7) 
by:Jon Shuler

A Plan of Reading

It is almost impossible to grow strong in faith with a scattershot pattern of turning to the Scripture in a random way. Because of that fact I recommend that every true disciple search for and find the plan that works best for them. In the next few weeks we will follow one that is rooted in nearly two thousand years of Christian History. We will follow the order of the first Gospel in the New Testament, that of Matthew. We will save the infancy narratives till the time of the Christmas Season, and so today we will begin with the public ministry of our Lord Jesus. Once you have prayed for the Lord to guide your time, turn to and read Matthew 3:1-12.

There are at least three things to note in this opening section. First, there was a preliminary ministry of great importance before the beginning of the Lord’s. John the Baptist was the only prophet to be raised up by God in over six hundred years, and he was the last of the old dispensation. He prepared for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Second, the coming of the Lord necessitated repentance on the part of those who would receive him. That remains true.

Third, the coming of the Lord would bring division. Those who would be gathered in and those who would be lost.

Today, pray to hear the call to prepare for the coming of the Lord into your life, and to answer it. Whether for the first time or the umpteenth.