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Foundations For Our Future #72

Foundations for Our Future (72)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

This Is Impossible For Me

A good friend of mine recently made the statement, as we were looking at the Sermon on the Mount together, that “this is impossible for me.” He was speaking from his inmost soul, as he was confronting the serious challenge of the call of Jesus to be holy. He could see, clearly, that nothing within himself was sufficient to come up to the high standard Jesus sets. “I am not good enough,” he said.

We went on to discuss the great gap that opens up when a man who has presumed he can exercise his will power to live up to the standards of God, comes face to face with that impossibility. It is always the precursor to a moment of grace, that is if it leads a man to cry out to Jesus. This is where the reality of Savior becomes concrete. Jesus must save me or I am lost.

It is of course true, that when we hear the Lord speaking to us about non retaliation (Matthew 5:38,39), being taken advantage of (Matthew 5:40), or about going above and beyond the forceful demand of another (Matthew 5:41), we must surely stop and ponder. “Is this really the way I am to live my life Lord? How can this be?”

There is no way around it. This sermon humbles every person who ever takes it seriously. It reveals the depth of our selfish pride. It exposes our desire to win. It lays bare our sinful heart. But still Jesus calls us.