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Foundations For Our Future #76

Foundations for Our Future (76)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

The Evil and the Good

There are evil people in the world, as the scriptures make clear, but today we are confronted with the clear word of the Lord that God grants blessings to them while they are alive. (Matthew 5:45) The blessing of being alive, the joy of sunshine, the life giving refreshment of the rain. These things are gifts of the “Father…in heaven,” and he gives them to the just and the unjust.

Theologians of old coined the phrase “common grace” to describe the truth that all human beings are recipients of good things from God. Every person is conceived by the power of God alone, and they are born into this world for purposes of his choosing. He gifts us with life. And he gifts all the others as well.

Learning to care for those who are not our type, or from our town, or from our race does not come naturally. Division and conflict comes naturally. Superior and inferior comes naturally. Welcome and not welcome comes naturally. But Jesus says we are not to think like that. We are to see every human being as a possible child of God. Called, as we are, to repent and come home.

No one ever gave their life to Christ Jesus unless somehow they heard of the love of God for them. For most all who have heard that joyous news, it has come from another human being who loves them in spite of themselves. This is how disciples are to love.