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Foundations For Our Future #86

Foundations for Our Future (86)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

The Place of Prayer

Years ago, the King James Version of the bible would describe the place of our private prayer as “our closet.” The newer version we use today, the English Standard Version (ESV), says it is a room you go into where you can “shut the door.” (Matthew 6:5) The point is you go there to be alone with God. It is a place to meet with the Lord.

Those who have a rich prayer life will tell you that a fixed place for their daily time with the Lord is essential to their prayer discipline. They have a space in the house set apart for their prayers. It may be a special part of a room, a particular chair, or even a dedicated small space used for no other purpose, even a closet! Most of these disciples have experienced that the actual space helps them center their mind and heart to seek the Lord.

Do you have such a space?

One of the great gifts of Lent, as I have said before, is that it gives us a framework within which we can re-balance our life with the Lord. We can begin, again, to “put off” some things that need to be let go forever, and also to “put on” some things that are meant for our soul’s health. Things that we want to carry on beyond Lent.

Of all the things we are called to in this season, deepening our prayer life may be one of the most important. A place of prayer is, for most, a real foundation for that to happen.