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Foundations For Our Future #9

Foundations for Our Future (9)

by:Jon Shuler

To Mark or Not to Mark?

The study of the scriptures is not the sole purpose of using a Daily Devotional, but it almost always leads to a growing hunger to know them more deeply. For that to happen most of us develop some system of marking those passages that the Holy Spirit seems to highlight for us. We have already mentioned having a notebook beside your bible as an aid to this habit, but it still leaves open the question of marking the actual pages. I would recommend it.

The habit of reading and marking the Word of God is a proven way to begin to gain a memory of what you believe the Lord has spoken to your heart. It will imprint his truth in a way very rare if we only read it quickly. The combination of notes written down in your journal, and carefully marked passages in your Bible, is a proven reinforcer of sacred things.

Today in Matthew’s Gospel (4:1-11) we read of the Lord’s temptation immediately after his baptism by John. He will be tempted in three distinct ways, and he will answer each temptation by quoting from the Holy Scriptures. It is almost certainly the case that he had been reading the Book of Deuteronomy soon before this event, and he quotes three passages he surely had marked.

As you ponder the devil’s attack strategy, notice how the Word of God quoted back to him is the Lord’s defense. So it is meant to be for us.