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Foundations For Our Future #90

Foundations for Our Future (90)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler


After the invocation (the calling upon God as “Our Father”) we enter into a series of petitions, or requests. There are seven in all, three of which are focused on God, and four that focus on ourselves. This is revealing a principle of true Christian prayer, it always begins with God. Not our distress, not our need, but with the awesome reality that we are entering into the presence of the Holy One. God the Almighty One, Creator of heaven and earth.

The very first of these petitions, taught to us by Jesus, is that God’s name might be “hallowed.” (Matthew 6:9) What does that mean? If we hallow something, we make it holy. It is special beyond all else. It is set apart from all other things. Human beings do this all the time with objects that are not eternal, even without realizing it. We set apart a set of clubs for only certain courses. We have clothes for certain occasions. We make time for only certain activities. We do not think we are hallowing them, but we are.

But the truest and deepest meaning of the word is related to the awesome wonder and glory of God almighty. He is the only one worthy of praise. He is the only one to be in awe of and to be worshipped. To hallow his name is to honor him with the honor due only to God.

And we pray that such honor might be given to him “on earth as it is in heaven.”