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Foundations For Our Future #91

Foundations for Our Future (91) 

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Your Name

Names matter to most of the people of the world. What we call a thing gives it significance for us, and in the case of our children, for them. One of the most beloved traditions in Southern culture is the giving of family names to girls. I will never forget the confusion this caused me when I met a woman whose given name was George.

In the culture of the church the naming of a child at baptism was, and is, a time of great importance. Usually members of the family of the child attend because this naming is so note worthy. In baptism, of course, we get a given name, but we are also named as Christ’s own, forever.” That is the name above all names.

In the Lord’s Prayer, we pray that God’s name will be hallowed by all people on the earth. (Matthew 6:9) It is assumed that we pray this because he is hallowed in our lives. We are among those who know the wonder of it all. God who made us and loves us, sent his only beloved Son to save us and restore us to his first intention. We are among those who recognize the inexpressible majesty and grace of such a holy God.

That his name is to be hallowed means that the one and only true God is known and worshipped. That the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only God, worthy of all praise, honor, and glory. That no man or woman would fail to give him “the honor due his name.” Including us.