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Foundations For Our Future #92

Foundations for Our Future (92)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

Your Kingdom

When I was training for ordination in England, on the first day of classes, we were sent to the cathedral organist to learn how to sing the services of the church. That was then still the norm in the Church of England. He began with the Lord’s Prayer, and as we made our first attempt he stopped us mid note. “No, No, No,” he cried out. Place the emphasis on “Your” not “kingdom!” He was telling us to sing our prayer: “Hallowed be YOUR name, YOUR kingdom come, YOUR will be done.” I have never forgotten that day or that insight. We are praying for something that only God can do, and our focus is to be upon him

What we all need to grasp and hold onto is this. God’s name is only hallowed where his kingdom is present. That kingdom is only present when his name is truly hallowed. The two are inextricable. How does that come about? Jesus clearly is teaching us that it begins when we pray for it to happen. “Your kingdom come…as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)

In truth it begins in my life or yours only when we begin to ask God that it be so, with a heart that truly means what we say. If we pray this prayer daily, and mean it, we are asking for God to take full control of our lives. To be in his kingdom means I am faithful to the King.