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Foundations For Our Future #16

Foundations for Our Future (16)

by: Jon Shuler

Those Who Mourn

The news each day is filled with stories from all over the world of tragedy and suffering. Rare is a week without pictures of people mourning the death of those they love. To anyone with even an ounce of compassion, the pictures tug at our hearts. What is the Lord telling us in the second Beatitude when he says “those who mourn…shall be comforted”? (Mt 5:4)

We know that in his earthly ministry the Lord Jesus grieved when those he loved died. He shows us clearly that the sorrow and pain of those moments is known to God, and that those who mourn are not alone. But is there more?

Sunday by Sunday those who worship in the tradition of the historic church are bidden to make a public confession of their sins. We actually declare before God that the memory of them is intolerable. We mourn over them. We cry out for mercy.

The second Beatitude assures us that when we truly mourn, when we are grieved that we have gone astray, we “shall be comforted.” Disciples will not be sinless, but they will learn that as soon as they truly repent, they will be forgiven. They will know that consolation.

Do you know that comfort this day?