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Foundations For Our Future #44

Foundations for Our Future (44)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler


The impending Christmas Season finds me prayerfully deciding to delay our forward progress in the Sermon on the Mount, and to turn to a reality that is always in my thinking but may not be quite so clear to all my readers. That is that we share in the life and grace of the church. This is the unseen background to all that I write.

As I have tried to explain, I am sure that the reason our Lord first turns to the issue of reconciliation, when brothers and sisters have become alienated (Matthew 5:21-26), is because of the absolutely essential place of the body of Christ in the Christian dispensation. This is something that all faithful Christians believe.

Anglicans have for centuries followed certain patterns of worship, prayer, church order, and theological explanation because of deep convictions about the church. We believe that when the gospel of Jesus Christ came to England, in the late first or early second century, that the truth of God was being revealed. We do not think that a portion was received, but that all that a follower of Jesus should believe and know was included. This divine knowledge could not stand alone in the life of one person, or one family, or even one small congregation. It was something shared with all other believers in the God ordained community of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Scriptures that we are submitting to as our ultimate authority are God’s gift to his church.