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Foundations For Our Future #46

Foundations for Our Future (46)

by: The Reverened Dr. Jon Shuler


In our Lord’s time days were counted as beginning at sundown. Thus the end of one day of work ushered in the rest that would precede the next days work. It was a time for family and friends, for food and fellowship. It is because of this that the first celebration of Christmas always begins on the night of December 24th. This evening will be the first day of the twelve that comprise Christmastide.

The gospel always read on this night is taken from that of Luke. Matthew has given us the truth about Joseph’s part in the mystery of the Incarnation, but Luke uniquely unfolds for us the role of the blessed Virgin Mary. (Luke 2:1-14) The two together reveal profound truth that is central to all that Christians believe. Indeed the very foundations of our faith are set forth in these two accounts. The coming of the Messiah of Israel, the Christ, the Son of God, has occurred as it was promised from the beginning. God’s promises are all true. Even more wonderfully, the one born is the Savior of the world.

When someone believes these two cardinal doctrines the most ancient of titles becomes real to them. Jesus is both Christ and Savior. Because he is the Christ, the anointed beloved Son of God, he is able to be our Savior. And because he is Savior we must follow and serve him as Lord. Before these truths we kneel and adore him.